Pican - A Taste of the South
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Picán is ever evolving, always exciting. Always on the lookout for the new, the different, the meaningful, the fun!

Interactive events designed to seek out, explore and share common passions.  Food, Bourbons, Cocktails, Wines, Art, Music. It starts with Pican’s “Share Table” in our lounge or at a table in the dining room. A sense of camaraderie highlighted by the breaking of bread, or a toast among family, old friends, new acquaintances. It continues on through this extended family, out into our communities.

Join Debbie Poryes at Picán, Wednesdays and Saturdays

Jazz Chicago says, "A musician you should be aware of is Debbie Poryes. Her playing is confident, yet playful, thoughtful, but full of life."

Picán. Nourish your soul.