Pican - A Taste of the South
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Share the Experience.

How you live your life. How you choose to share your life. Whom you choose to share it with. It’s the difference between meaningful – and meaningless.

Picán connects people to the environment and to each other. The atmosphere is inclusive, welcoming. It’s a place of culture, a place of cultural exchange. Of perspective, reflection and joy.

It’s the celebration of artwork that helped shape a culture. The perfect backdrop for the art of Jacob Lawrence, the genius of Raymond Saunders. From oils to watercolors, acrylic, mixed media, sculptures, figurines, lithographs, posters and originals, Picán is rich in texture.

At Picán, you are invited into the African American experience through art, music, foods.

A place of conversation. Fraternity. Shared experience. Picán is of the moment.