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The Picán Experience

California infused Southern Cuisine.  “What?” you say!  We’re always pleased to see the reactions of our guests when they peruse our menu…familiar, traditional Southern food…but with a twist. 

Take our Buttermilk Southern Fried Chicken…a three-day journey in the kitchen from brining to batter.  It arrives at the table crispy, moist, perfectly seasoned. Kick it up a notch and order it with tableside truffled honey service, local organic honey with the earthy scent of truffles.  Your server expertly dips the honey dipper into the old-fashioned honey jar, holds it high over your plate and a fine stream of honey slowly, and artfully melds with beautifully browned chicken. The combination of flavors unique…inspired by “Chicken and Waffles,” beloved by the many people influenced by traditions of soul food passed down through generations.

Picán’s foods allow you to savor the South, bite by lovely bite…

“Low Country” Shrimp and Grits –– a traditional South Carolina “Low Country” (coastal South Carolina, Georgia and extreme Northeast Florida) dish of succulent shrimp in a rich sauce, using authentic Logan Turnpike stone-ground grits which require thorough cooking and careful preparation, yielding real Old South flavor and texture.

Smoked Gouda “Mac ’N Cheese” a contemporized California spin on a dish popularized by Thomas Jefferson, Virginian and Founding Father, and a few ingredients beyond an early recipe published in 1824 by Mary Randolph (Jefferson's cousin) in "The Virginia Housewife” calling for just macaroni, butter and cheese. Skillets of bubbling “Mac ‘n Cheese” at Picán still serve the comfort needs of guests, as the dish has for hundreds of years.

We invite you to share in A Taste of the South, through our foods, through our Bourbons…through a specialty cocktail in the bar.  All served with the warm, friendly hospitality that makes the South special; and a restaurant in California a place to relax and enjoy.